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this time it's been 2 years of absence on my part. There seem to be a lot of things I'd rather do than updating my online galleries. Ö__Ö 
Started uploading some drawings yesterday. Some ATCs I've done back in 2012 + one of the 3 drawings I did in 2013 (just checked my scan folder to count °.°). And I actually do have some really recent stuff, though it's only ATCs—again. Think I'm gonna upload these too.
I just remembered the existence of this site. o_o' After … 6 or 7 months or even more. Sorry to the people who never got a reply during all this time, though I'm a bit sluggish at answering anyway, I'm afraid. Sorry for that, too. Now it took me 10 minutes just to find out how to edit this page. Not used to the handling here anymore.
Aside from that–now that I'm here, I wonder if it's okay to upload some not-really-new stuff, since I didn't draw much during last year and exactly nothing in this year (at least up to now). Well, it's not like my gallery is full, so who cares. I think, I'll add some I still like–most, if not all of them, are KaKAOs/ATCs. Uh, be prepared to see some ancient pics soon! O_ô
Still alive, but not much around.
  • Listening to: my personal soundtrack
  • Reading: whatever gets within my grasp
  • Watching: no tv
  • Eating: too much sweets
  • Drinking: insufficient